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Why Upgrading Your Home Network Matters

Having problems with weak WiFi in certain areas of your house? Poor quality Netflix? WiFi dead zones?

Why Upgrading Your Home Network Matters

Having problems with an unreliable home network? Do you have weak WiFi in certain areas of your home? WiFi dead zones? Slower download speeds even though you're paying for an ever increasing speed from your Internet provider? Kisasa, your GTA full-service residential custom electronics and design integration partner for Networking, Audio / Video, Lighting Control, Motorized Shading and voice controlled Home Automation has the solution you need!


We’ve all developed an expectation to be wirelessly connected all the time, wherever we are. Throughout the day and evening we look for updates on our phone and tablet, work on our laptop, all while listening to our streaming music and viewing our smart TV, Apple TV or other streaming box. More than ever, we use cloud-based streaming entertainment, rely on remote access to work, view our video doorbells and security cameras, use voice over IP, game online, and expect search results to load immediately.

Today’s cloud-based entertainment and home automation places heavy pressure on home networks. To help relieve this pressure, service providers are delivering advancements in internet speeds with offerings up to 1,000 Megabits per second (or 1 Gigabits/s), but most home networks aren’t equipped to make use of the speeds they offer. Our homes need a faster, more secure and dependable home network.

Consumer grade networks were never meant to handle the high demands in many modern homes and businesses. The results being unacceptable WiFi performance, WiFi dead zones, data loss, modem and router reboots, product failure, frozen video, dropped connections, low quality Netflix streams, and the always-annoying customer service phone calls to internet providers (is there anything more frustrating?).

At the heart of today’s residences, a well-engineered secure wireless and wired network is essential. Kisasa does this by providing a solid solution that combines wired and wireless access with local and cloud-based management. A network that self-monitors and is able to correct in real time. We provide a truly reliable network infrastructure designed for today’s contemporary families.

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